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3M™ 3D-in-Motion Scanning Technology

3D-in-motion video technology generates a true replica of the oral anatomy with extraordinary detail. It captures 3D data in a video sequence and models the data in real time. The 3M™ True Definition Scanner can capture approximately 20 3D data sets per second—or close to 2,400 data sets per arch—for a high-speed, high-accuracy scan. This enables the user to scan images while moving the wand—and simultaneously view and control the scan on the touchscreen. In contrast, the traditional scanning method, which uses point-and-click technology, requires the wand to be first positioned and then held steady, at which point the user can initiate a single capture or the system automatically initiates the scan.

•  Accuracy: The 3M™ True Definition Scanner is proven to be the most accurate and most consistently accurate than other leading intraoral scanners. See below for results from the latest full arch accuracy study by the Academic Center of Dentistry Amsterdam:

•  Ergonomic: The True Definition wand is the most compact hand piece on the market and makes maneuvering inside the oral cavity easier and a more comfortable experience for the patient.

•  Durable: The True Definition scanner contains no moving-parts within the wand and does not require field calibration. The wand is also resistant to bumps and drops.

•  Support: The purchase of a True Definition Scanner includes 1 full day of on-site training as well as unlimited phone/email support from the Clinical Training and Technical Services team in St. Paul, MN. Software upgrades are updated automatically and unlimited case archiving on 3M’s cloud server is included as well.

Does the 3M scanner require the use of powder?
The 3M True Definition requires just a light dusting over the area to be scanned which enhances accuracy and speed of capture. The powder application adds less than 10 seconds to the procedure.

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