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About Aesthetic Aim Dental Lab

implant supported full arch restoration 3v3Art is the driving force behind the beautiful aesthetic that you find in our restorations. Science gives us the ability to fabricate safe, timely, and constant results in our restorations. By combining art and science we give you and your patients aesthetically pleasing restorations that lead to natural looking smiles.

Learn more about who we are:
•  Meet Rex Duncan
•  Meet the Team
•  Authenticity
•  Technology

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Meet Rex Duncan

meet the team rexRex started in the dental laboratory industry in 1973. While attending Wichita State University, he worked at a local lab in the removable department. There he became diverse in the process of fabricating Dentures and Removable Partial Dentures.

Continuing studies and working as a denture technician, he became a certified dental technician in 1980. Rex became interested in the area of implantology and how it would soon affect the industry.

In 1980, he attended his first in-depth implant course at UCLA (the UCLA abutment design). In 1982, Rex also attended courses by Gerald Niznick who was developing the CORE-VENT System.

Through the years, he has continued to make his way in the ever-changing field of implants. He has most currently presented at UMKC on the indirect technique, All-on-4 concept for Nobel Biocare. He has been involved with numerous study clubs and has written articles for Spectrum and Dental Lab Products.

Rex started Aesthetic Aim Dental Lab in 1991. With his wife of 40 years, Mary Jane, they have created a well-respected and successful operation. They have three grown children. Carrie Ulrich, their daughter, manages the day-to-day operations, their son-in law Phil Ulrich acts as the Business Development Manager.

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Meet the Team

Carrie Duncan | Lab Manager, CAD/CAM Specialist
Carrie's career with the lab's day to day operations began in 2002. After recieving a Bachelor's degree from the University of Kansas in 2000, Carrie decided to enter the family business. Carrie began by running the laboratory's first CAD/CAM equipment, the Cerec in-Lab. From there, Carrie has continued to hone her skills in the ceramics, CAD/CAM, and implantology departments. She has attended numerous courses and trade conventions. Carrie is certified in IPS Empress Esthetic, Cerec In-Lab, 3 Shape, and Vita advanced porcelain application. Carrie has also taken numerous porcelain and digital photography courses, taught by industry masters, as well as continuing education for the All-on-Four® concept and guided implantology. Carrie is continually working to stay on the cutting edge of industry technology and resources. She has published articles in Spectrum and Dental Lab Products. Carrie recently attended Lab Day in Chicago and is excited about all of the technological advancements in the industry.

Starr Parish | Front Office Manager
Starr will answer any questions regarding case scheduling, custom shade scheduling, implant reference letters, and implant tooling. She will direct your calling or find an answer to any of your questions.

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dentsply Site specific restorative options Dnobel logostraumann logodentsply implants logo
The exact dimensions, tolerances, and materials of implants and their corresponding prosthetic components are different for each manufacturer. Third party manufacturers do not have access to these precise design and engineering specifications, and cannot optimally recreate these harmonized connections.

Why Original Components Are Important
Many studies have shown that using compatible components that are not authentic could lead to problems such as screw loosening, micro-movement, micro-gaps, and bacterial contamination. This could ultimately result in bone loss, abutment failure, or implant failure.

How Aesthetic Aim Dental Lab Can Help
Using authentic components for each system has been shown to result in higher removal torque values after cyclic loading, reflecting the smallest effect of screw loosening versus non-original components. It is also proven that using authentic components results in the smallest rotational misfit versus using third party components.

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We are constantly striving to give our clients the finest products possible, and our investment in advanced technology is also a long-term investment in our quality.

Learn more about our technology
•  3D Scanning & Printing
•  Digital Impression Files
•  DentalWings® coDiagnostiX™
•  Nobel® Clinician™

Call us at 1-316-263-1007 with questions or to place an order today.

3D Scanning & Printing

3shape scanningDWOS coDiagnostiX softwareWe are proud to carry two of the most trusted and sought after product lines offered in the 3D scanning industry—the 3Shape® and the Dental Wings DWOS®.

Accuracy and timeliness with In-House Printing
We print all of our own models and surgical guides in house to ensure accuracy and timeliness of our prosthesis. Using this advanced technology, we are able to provide our customers with the most accurate fittings. We utilize the Object30 Printer for all of our in-house models and surgical guides.

3d priting model 1
3d priting model 3

3D wax printer-3Z Lab by Solidscape
3z lab printer solidscape3z lab printing dental restorations wax ups solidscapePlease call us today at 1-316-263-1007 to speak with one of our highly-trained technicians about our technology.

Digital Impression Files

accepting digital files ergonomicWe understand how important it can be to leverage your investments in chairside digital impression systems by partnering with a lab that can streamline your workflow in a way that makes sense. That is why we accept many different types of impression files, including Trios, iTeros, 3M.

We are able to receive the digital impression files from your scanner and use them to build almost any restoration you desire. Using these files, we are able to produce restorations with a brilliant fit and pinpoint accuracy.

Learn more about our digital impression technology:
•  3M
•  iTero
•  Trios

Call us today at 1-316-263-1007 with any questions you have about the digital impression file transfer process.

Digital Impression Files: 3M

3D-in-motion video technology generates a true replica of the oral anatomy with extraordinary detail. It captures 3D data in a video sequence and models the data in real time. The 3M™ True Definition Scanner can capture approximately 20 3D data sets per second—or close to 2,400 data sets per arch—for a high-speed, high-accuracy scan. This enables the user to scan images while moving the wand—and simultaneously view and control the scan on the touchscreen. In contrast, the traditional scanning method, which uses point-and-click technology, requires the wand to be first positioned and then held steady, at which point the user can initiate a single capture or the system automatically initiates the scan.

•  accepting digital files accuracyAccuracy: The 3M™ True Definition Scanner is proven to be the most accurate and most consistently accurate than other leading intraoral scanners. See below for results from the latest full arch accuracy study by the Academic Center of Dentistry Amsterdam:

•  itero scan fileErgonomic: The True Definition wand is the most compact hand piece on the market and makes maneuvering inside the oral cavity easier and a more comfortable experience for the patient.

•  Durable: The True Definition scanner contains no moving-parts within the wand and does not require field calibration. The wand is also resistant to bumps and drops.

•  Support: The purchase of a True Definition Scanner includes 1 full day of on-site training as well as unlimited phone/email support from the Clinical Training and Technical Services team in St. Paul, MN. Software upgrades are updated automatically and unlimited case archiving on 3M’s cloud server is included as well.

Does the 3M scanner require the use of powder?
The 3M True Definition requires just a light dusting over the area to be scanned which enhances accuracy and speed of capture. The powder application adds less than 10 seconds to the procedure.

Call us today at 1-316-263-1007 with any questions.

Digital Impression Files: iTero

iTero® workflows support laboratory production using patented iTero® milled models, laboratory printed models, and modelless direct-to-restoration production. Choose the treatment that are right for your patients’ crowns, bridges, implant custom abutments, veneers, inlays, and onlays. And iTero® scanners work with any material, including porcelain, PFM, zirconia, composite, and full gold.
implant restorations
Powder-free operation enables comprehensive, full-mouth reconstruction and safe scanning of surgical sites. Export iTero® restorative scans in STL format to leading laboratory CAD/CAM systems. And integrate iTero® scans with cone beam CT data for use with third-party treatment planning providers.

Only iTero® scanning enables model milling for superior accuracy and precision. The patented iTero® milled model, made of a stable polyurethane material, presents numerous advantages when used in the iTero® process.

Call us today at 1-316-263-1007 with any questions.

Digital Impression Files: Trios

Trios® is a three in one digital impression solution. An intraoral scanner for fast and easy 3D color impression taking; an integrated intraoral camera, so there’s no need to purchase one separately, and shade measurement while you scan, for more accurate and predictable results. TRIOS® enables you to be more efficient, more precise and your patients more comfortable.

3Shape complete digital workflow makes it easy to send your digital files directly to us!

•  Access the full range of indications and materials
•  Share digital impressions immediately
•  Easily communicate and interact, using your TRIOS®, mobile devices, and web browser

•  Full CAD solution for practice lab
•  Connect to a wide range of integrated milling machines
•  Open output for any manufacturing options or milling center

Call us today at 1-316-263-1007 with any questions.

DentalWings® coDiagnostiX™

When planning a dental implant procedure it never hurts to have a second set of eyes every step of the way. Fortunately, DentalWings® coDiagnostiX™ gives us the most dependable and reliable set of eyes available on the market today. Not only does it help us to plan every detail of every treatment, it gives us a suite of tools to help us accomplish a perfectly flawless procedure every time.

DentalWings® coDiagnostiX™ is Special
A digital workflow is so important in the field of dentistry today. Being able to accurately track and record every action performed gives us valuable input with which to make our next move. This software suite offers an innovative drill guide design and a bevy of collaborative tools that allows us to interface with you.

Features include:
DWOS software
•  3D visualization of the bone morphology and nerve canals for easy identification of the optimal implant position
•  Fast design of affordable surgical drill guides for safe and predictable results
•  Fully open library of more than 3,000 implants from about 50 manufacturers
•  A fully functional case sharing platform
•  An iPad app that makes patient case presentation a breeze
•  Real time integrated implant planning and prosthetic design

Give us a call at 1-316-263-1007 to discuss treatment planning options.

Nobel® Clinician™

Nobel Clinician at Aesthetic Aim Dental Lab With Nobel® Clinician™ you can expect to consistently receive stellar results for every procedure you perform. Dependability coupled with an intuitive interface is Nobel’s® solution to digital treatment planning. With this software suite you can expect robust versatility in everything from treatment planning to communicating quickly and accurately with us.

Why choose Nobel® Clinician™?
This piece of software is capable of being as powerful as you make it. Some of the benefits of using Nobel® Clinician™ are:
•  A visual communications tool that allows easy involvement with your referring partners
•  Easily predict the outcomes of treatments
•  Gain patient confidence and thereby, treatment acceptance
•  Windows and Mac OSX compatability
•  Implant planning system that warns you on issues like bone quality and risky placement of implants
•  User friendly guides will help you through every aspect of the program
•  Easily integrate 3D x-ray data and scanner surface data to form cohesive and workable digital models
•  Easily collaborate with treatment partners

Our client base has been very pleased with Nobel® Clinician™ and the flexibility it affords them. Having a solid piece of software that performs the way you expect it to and with great results is an invaluable tool.

Call us at 1-316-263-1007 to discuss treatment planning options.

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