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Our Products

dentsply Impression taking componentsdentsply One hand seatingdentsply One position only placement solidAt Aesthetic Aim Dental Lab our pride lies in our stellar customer service and our high quality, diverse selection of dental products. Our offerings are always going to be the most technically superior and cutting edge products on the market.

Precision and quality is what we pass on to our clients and why they keep coming back to us for their every restorative, preventive and procedural need. Whether your practice is looking for a traditional and low cost solution or the most ground-breaking restorations available in the country we have the solution for you.

Learn more about our products
•  Implant Restorations
•  Custom Abutments
•  Full Arch Restoration
•  Guided Surgery
•  Nobel® Clinician™
•  DentalWings® coDiagnostiX™
•  Removable Prosthetics
•  Complete Dentures
•  Partial Dentures
•  Night Guards
•  Fixed Restorations
•  Crowns & Bridges

Call us today at 1-316-263-1007 with questions or order requests and see why we are the most competitive dental lab in America!

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Implant Restorations

Because of the constant evolution of the restorative dental industry, your practice needs the experience of a laboratory that is familiar with the full gamut of implant options. Not only do we stay current on all new and upcoming implant technologies, we are well versed in obsolete and outdated implant tech.

dwos implantThe extreme complexity inherent in all implant systems, especially the restoration of said systems, means you require a dental lab whose attention to detail and commitment to a high quality finished product is unsurpassed. We at Aesthetic Aim Dental Lab are proud to offer our clients the most value for superior dental implant restorations!

Learn more about our implant restorations
•  Custom Abutments
•  Full Arch Restoration
•  Guided Surgery

Call us today at 1-316-263-1007 to discuss our dental implant restoration options or to place an order. We look forward to giving your clients the smile they deserve!

implant restorations
implant restoration temp for guided surgery

Custom Abutment

When it comes to offering high levels of precision and quality on custom abutments and implant restorations, Aesthetic Aim Dental Lab is the industry leader.

dentsply ATLANTIS Abutment titanium 00038dentsply ATLANTIS Abutment goldshaded 1adentsply ATLANTIS Abutment Zir 2b whiteWe use the latest CAD software from 3Shape® and DWOS® to create and manage high definition three dimensional images of abutments and restorations. We have the ability to provide these appliances for both screw-retained and cement-retained implant crowns and bridges.

For every implant case that we restore for you, we provide complimentary impression copings to help you save on cost and turn-around time.

Our designers have a tremendous amount of experience in crafting custom abutments and implant restorations to our customer’s exacting standards. Your high-quality restorations are our business.

authenticity imageWe use all authentic parts for our implant restorations, ensuring a more precise fit for all implant manufacturers/types. All restorations sent with authenticity certificates; we do not use uncertified materials.

Please call us today at 1-316-263-1007 to discuss your desired restoration method.

Guided Surgery

Implant surgery is made vastly more straightforward and streamlined by computer guided implant surgery. With Rex's many years of experience with implants, he is able to utilize this software to design your implant case. Placing anywhere from 1 to 20 implants, we can accommodate your design needs.

Utilizing these software suites allows us to more easily and effectively streamline the process of dental implant planning. Patient satisfaction is improved and the implant procedure is made much more simple.

Learn more about our guided surgery
•  Nobel® Clinician™
•  DentalWings® coDiagnostiX™

Please call our office today at 1-316-263-1007 to discuss designing your implant case.

Nobel® Clinician™

Nobel Clinician at Aesthetic Aim Dental Lab With Nobel® Clinician™ you can expect to consistently receive stellar results for every procedure you perform. Dependability coupled with an intuitive interface is Nobel’s® solution to digital treatment planning. With this software suite you can expect robust versatility in everything from treatment planning to communicating quickly and accurately with us.

Why choose Nobel® Clinician™?
This piece of software is capable of being as powerful as you make it. Some of the benefits of using Nobel® Clinician™ are:
•  A visual communications tool that allows easy involvement with your referring partners
•  Easily predict the outcomes of treatments
•  Gain patient confidence and thereby, treatment acceptance
•  Windows and Mac OSX compatability
•  Implant planning system that warns you on issues like bone quality and risky placement of implants
•  User friendly guides will help you through every aspect of the program
•  Easily integrate 3D x-ray data and scanner surface data to form cohesive and workable digital models
•  Easily collaborate with treatment partners

Our client base has been very pleased with Nobel® Clinician™ and the flexibility it affords them. Having a solid piece of software that performs the way you expect it to and with great results is an invaluable tool.

Call us at 1-316-263-1007 to discuss treatment planning options.

DentalWings® coDiagnostiX™

When planning a dental implant procedure it never hurts to have a second set of eyes every step of the way. Fortunately, DentalWings® coDiagnostiX™ gives us the most dependable and reliable set of eyes available on the market today. Not only does it help us to plan every detail of every treatment, it gives us a suite of tools to help us accomplish a perfectly flawless procedure every time.

DentalWings® coDiagnostiX™ is Special
A digital workflow is so important in the field of dentistry today. Being able to accurately track and record every action performed gives us valuable input with which to make our next move. This software suite offers an innovative drill guide design and a bevy of collaborative tools that allows us to interface with you.

Features include:
DWOS software
•  3D visualization of the bone morphology and nerve canals for easy identification of the optimal implant position
•  Fast design of affordable surgical drill guides for safe and predictable results
•  Fully open library of more than 3,000 implants from about 50 manufacturers
•  A fully functional case sharing platform
•  An iPad app that makes patient case presentation a breeze
•  Real time integrated implant planning and prosthetic design

Give us a call at 1-316-263-1007 to discuss treatment planning options.

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Removable Prosthetics

dentsply ATLANTIS Conus overdentureWhen it comes to removable prosthetics, the two most important factors you look for are turn-around time and products that are of extremely high quality. We can meet both those requirements and can stand toe-to-toe with competitor pricing.

Learn more about our removable prosthetics
•  Complete Dentures
•  Partial Dentures
•  Night Guards & Occlusal Splints

Please call us today at 1-316-263-1007 with questions regarding any of the products that we offer.

Complete Dentures

At Aesthetic Aim Dental Lab we use the IvoBase Injection System to supply you with top quality, long-lasting methyl methacrylate-based dentures. We chose the IvoBase Injection System because it consistently outperforms all other methods of denture creation.

Once we finish mixing the material, we inject it under pressure into the flask. During the polymerization of the denture we apply a constant pressure to it and are left with a base material that flows consistently. This process compensates for the natural shrinkage in the material and leaves us with a beautiful finished product.

Perfect Fit, Amazing Aesthetic, Quick Turnaround
Using the IvoBase Injection System we are able to produce both upper and lower impressions or models that fit perfectly. Along with the precision fit that this system provides, we are able to very closely match the desired tooth and gingival shade to your patient’s mouth. The aesthetic of our full dentures is so perfect, your patient will feel like they are looking at their own teeth when they see themselves smile in the mirror for the first time.

Please call us today at 1-316-263-1007 with any questions or to place an order.

Partial Dentures

Dentures Lab Mold iStock 000052938150 Large width of 500 pixelsAt Aesthetic Aim Dental Lab we know that both you and your patient have high expectations for partial dentures that are aesthetically pristine as well as long lasting. You can trust our team of experienced fabricators to provide you with a piece of art that consistently exceeds industry standards in terms of price, quality and appearance.

When a patient leaves your practice with a partial denture that fits perfectly and gives them back the confidence they once had in their smile, everyone benefits. Let us provide you with partial denture solutions that work.

Please call us at 1-316-263-1007 today with orders or any questions regarding our products.

Night Guards

Dentist handing patient a mouthguardBruxing and grinding patients are always pleased with our night guards and occlusal splints. Night guards and bite splints make a massive difference not only in alleviating the pain of grinding and TMJ, they also prevent the further destruction of healthy teeth.

When shopping for a professional-grade night guard or occlusal splint, we can provide you with a high-quality prosthesis.

Call us today at 1-316-263-1007 to learn more about our night guards and occlusal splints.

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Fixed Restorations

We offer a full line of fixed restorations with a huge variety of options available.

3d print model implat replica 4v3IPS E.Max®
Setting the standard in all ceramic restorations, the IPS E.Max® is a balanced mix of beauty and strength. These restorations are almost flawlessly lifelike and are offered as veneers, crowns, inlays and onlays, as well as three unit bridges.

Other fixed restoration options
Other fixed restoration options we offer include:
•  IPS Empress Esthetic
•  BruxZir
•  BruxZir Anterior
•  Veneers
•  Porcelain to Zirconia
•  PFM
•  Gold
•  Diagnostic Wax up

Learn more about our fixed restorations.

For more information or to place an order please give us a call at 1-316-263-1007 today and we will be happy to assist you.

Crowns & Bridges

ips emax tech press 1IPS E.Max®
IPS E.Max® crowns are made of monolithic lithium disilicate ceramic and set the standard for true to life looks and function.

For the highest quality, the best aesthetics, perfect contacts and occlusion coupled with incredible strength, prescribe IPS E.Max®. Being made of a lithium disilicate ceramic allows IPS E.Max® to maintain a flexural strength of 360 to 400 MPa. This high-strength solution allows IPS E.Max® to be the best choice for:
aesthetic aim dental lab crowns and bridges
•  Inlays
•  Onlays
•  Veneers
•  Posterior crowns
•  Anterior crowns
•  Screw retained inplant crowns
•  Three unit anterior bridges
•  Restorations with minimum preparations dimensions

On top of all this, lithium disilicate ceramic is biocompatible.

Our team of ceramists is second to none, dedicating their many years of experience and knowledge to each individual porcelain fused to metal restoration that we ship to your practice. You can have your choice of precious or semi-precious alloys, and we provide IDENTCERAM and IDENTALLOY certification with all of our restorations, because we are proud of the high quality, FDA approved materials that we use.

Time tested, long lasting and dependable—gold crowns and bridges are a beautiful and responsible solution to restorations.

If you have any technical questions regarding any of our crown and bridge restoration options please give us a call at 1-316-263-1007. We are happy to help you find the perfect fit for every patient.

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