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At Aesthetic Aim Dental Lab, our pride lies in our stellar customer service and our high-quality, diverse selection of dental products and services. Our offerings are always going to be the most technically superior and cutting edge products and services on the market.

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•  Case Planning
•  Digital Treatment Planning
•  Complete Diagnostic Assistance
•  Custom Shade Consultation
•  In-Office Coaching

Please call us today at 1-316-263-1007 with questions regarding any of the services that we offer.

Case Planning

Our Aesthetic Aim Dental Lab team collaborates and assists with your case planning for a number of reasons, from maximizing your chair time to improving lab results and increasing your profitability on cases; and, most of all, exceeding your patient's expectations. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you in your pretreatment planning. The best time to develop a complete treatment plan is before the case is even started. Aesthetic Aim Dental Lab will work with you to enable you to be at your peak while at your patient's side.

Please call us today at 1-316-263-1007 with any questions.

Digital Treatment Planning

Our Digital Treatment Planning services allow for the placement of your implants to be preceded with the application of dynamically constructed 3D imagery displaying the surrounding anatomic structure. Utilizing this workflow shift to digital form offers the clinician and technician both an accurate and smooth process in which to plan treatments and work in collaboration to produce a top quality result for your implant patients.

What the Aesthetic Aim Dental Lab team understands to be of essence in every case is the need for a high level of communication between each team member involved. From the manufacturers to the laboratory, the clinician and the surgeon, the same files must be available and ready to be accessed at a moment’s notice. By implementing the newest methods of workflow with our Digital Treatment Planning, clinicians and technicians are better able to work closely together all the way through the transition from initial planning to the preparatory stages and actual placing of the implant with the ease and precision accompanied by this digital solution to planning treatments.

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Complete Diagnostic Assistance

We at Aesthetic Aim Dental Lab have chosen to stick with a team-based approach when it comes to implant case planning. With our Diagnostic service you will have complete assistance while going through the crucial phases of case designing as well as the pre- and post-surgical treatment planning of your implant reconstruction cases.

Our team members will work side-by-side with you as if we were part of your own technical team to ensure the design and coordination of your Treatment Planning will lead to achieving optimum results with each of your cases. Simply provide us with the case information and your desired outcome and our team will go through it and provide our recommendations and options for specific products and applicable techniques.

Please call us today at 1-316-263-1007 with any questions.

Custom Shade Consultation

Determining the colors and blending of a patient’s teeth should be made into an easy and efficient step in the process when fabricating restorations. Equipped with the proper tools and environment to achieve accurate shade match, our team at Aesthetic Aim Dental Lab will provide you with an objective, precise and detailed consultation here at the laboratory or on-site, by appointment only.

Please call us today at 1-316-263-1007 with any questions.

In-Office Coaching

We offer in-depth Lunch & Learn programs for when you want to begin training or continue developing the skillsets of your staff in the following areas:
•  3-D Shade Taking
•  Implant Impression Techniques

If you would like to schedule a program, contact us at 1-316-263-1007.

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